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The commitment of the hotel in responsible tourism

Citizenship behavior is the main value of Logis Nîmotel in Nimes. More than just a state of mind, citizen engagement requires action :

  • respect and welcome of guests
  • respect of employees
  • implementation of the standards of housing adapted for disabled use rooms: tourism and handicap
  • and the establishment of a sustainable development approach for responsible tourism

Balancing sustainable development and tourism

Since 2007, Nîmotel is committed to sustainable development in every sense of the term, more exactly :

  • balancing ecological, economic and social aspects
  • long-term thinking

This process is implemented on the whole network « Les hôtels de Nîmes »( network comprising Nîmotel, les Vignes Blanches*** and the IMPERATOR****, C Suite**** and B&B Ville Active ).

Ecologically, the Logis Nîmotel is the first hotel of the region of Languedoc Roussillon obtaining a « l’Ecolabel européen » and conducting concrete actions for the respect of the environment

On the economic plan, the Nîmotel hotel :

  • promotes the local economy by primarily using local suppliers
  • use of local produce in the restaurant La brandade
  • use fair trade products in the offer of breakfast buffet
  • dematerialized trade with its suppliers and partners

On a social plan :

internally, the Nîmotel :

  • is committed to its employees in a housing policy, respect for the family and training (see our “human resources” policy
  • distributed a booklet green ecological awareness actions on the occasion of the Christmas tree and eco-friendly gifts for children
  • and recovered energy savings in the form of vouchers

regarding guests and approaching the sustainable Tourism:

  • Hotel highlights the accessibility of places to visit and activities by taking public transport
  • the hotel offers bicycle rental at a great price
  • the hotel organizes seminars and eco-friendly events
    o Nîmotel educates its customers, even the most famous, respect for the environment : at the reception , on the flat screen some information broadcast about the environment and the sustainable Tourism :

  • On the internet : écolabel européen and the respect of the environment