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From corporate seminars to business tourism - Incentive

The Nimotel hotel is located in a particularly rich region: historical heritage and nature naturally make it an ideal place for business tourism and the organization of incentive events.

Our sales team puts you in touch with regional players or concocts a turnkey seminar tailored to you.

- Your seminar in Nîmes or in the Gard

Most businesses wish to combine the useful with the pleasant. Meetings are coupled with tours or activities. The proximity of Nîmes allows visitors to visit the arenas and the Maison Carrée to an always amazed audience.

The seminar is an opportunity to put employees in a situation of exchange, creativity, surpassing oneself ... Some companies, for example, organize ancient Olympic games on the Pont du Gard site.

- Your seminar in the Camargue

The Camargue is the natural theater of collective adventures: barge cruises, Camargue day, initiation to the catamaran, sporting challenge on land, at sea or on horseback ...

The Camargue is an appropriate place to organize an eco-responsible seminar, develop team spirit or launch a challenge.

- Your seminar in the Cévennes:

The Cévennes combine grandiose nature, culture and activities of all kinds: Discover the bamboo grove and the steam train, the many natural caves, the mechanical center of Ales for thrills and products from the Cévennes region.

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