Nîmes, little French Rome: between discoveries and the art of living

Stay at the Hotel Logis Nîmotel and visit French Rome.
Discover the main monuments of Nîmes, walk through its streets, get away from it all. Nîmes is more than a city, it is a living book.
For an immersion in the Nîmes atmosphere:
First, visit the Nîmes Arena, the best-preserved amphitheater from the ancient world. Feel them vibrate under gladiatorial combat, in front of a bullfighter's afarolada or under the rock-accented notes of summer concerts.
The arenas of Nîmes are shared with the family: guided tour, gladiator area, Great Roman games ...
Join the Maison Carrée, dazzling in its original whiteness. The Maison Carrée is the only completely preserved Roman temple. A 3D film takes you to the epic of a Nîmes over the centuries.
The Maison Carrée dominates the Roman Forum, replaced today by a square that exudes beauty and harmony. Admire the Carré d'Art, a splendid glass building, designed as a modern reflection of the Roman temple.
Nîmes la romaine has other Roman treasures: the Magne tower, the gardens of the Fountain, the temple of Diana, the Augustus gate, the cathedral of Nîmes, and the brand new Musée de la Romanité, facing the Arenas.
Roman Nîmes goes perfectly with contemporary Nîmes. The Carré d'art by Norman Foster, the Némausus building by Jean Nouvel, the bus shelter by Philippe Starck and the redevelopments of the Town Hall, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Halles de Nîmes and the alleys Jean Jaurès by Jean -Michel Wilmotte mark Nîmes' desire to be part of timelessness.
Do not forget: Enjoy a gardianne or a paella on the terrace; Why not at the Pentecost or Harvest Feria?